If you are looking for the latest news on the Windows 10 Insider preview, you have come to the right place. This article discusses the two of the hottest news of the preview. Take a look at them.

Windows 10 Insider Preview - Build 14316 Released with Major Improvements

Windows 10 Insider Preview: Build 14316 Released with Major Improvements

Microsoft has just released a new build of Windows 10, version 14316. It comes with a ton of upgrades. More specifically, Cortana has received several new features, which will take the efficiency of the operating system to a new level. From now, Cortana will notify you whenever the charge of smartphone reaches a low level. It will also help you to find your lost phone by ringing it.  Moreover, the personal voice assistant app to share map directions across multiple devices, including your phone and PC.

The action center has been upgraded. You are enabled to choose the most important notifications that need to be displayed. There are 3 levels: Normal, High or Priority. You can even decide the number of visible notifications per application.

The Emojis have been upgraded in the latest build of Windows 10 insider preview with a view to expressing your emotions in a more efficient way. They have become more expressive and playful. They also come with the support for skin tone modification.

The battery saving feature has been upgraded in the latest version of Windows 10 insider preview. A new option, called “Managed by Windows” has been added. It will temporarily turn off all the apps that are causing high battery drain.

Overall, the updates offered by the latest build of the Windows 10 Insider preview looks very impressive. If Microsoft continues to make this type of update, it will create a massive pressure on the leading mobile operating system in the market, including Android and iOS.

Windows 10 Insider Preview - Project Centennial Bridge Coming Next

Windows 10 Insider Preview: Project Centennial Bridge Coming Next

Microsoft has announced to bring a new feature in the next build. It is called the Project Centennial Bridge. It will allow the developers to bring classic Windows apps, like software made for Windows 32, to the Windows Store. It will also enable them to update the apps as well. It is definitely a great option, which will revive the most popular Windows applications of the older time.

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