Windows market is catching up in terms of apps in their store. There are more than 245,000 applications for Windows phones in their store. With such a cluster of apps for Lumia it becomes tough for the user to find the best ones.

Here is a list of few apps that everyone must have in their Nokia Lumia.


1. Nokia MixRadio

apps for Nokia Lumia phones

Nokia MixRadio is a kind of your own radio station. It is a music streaming service. It satisfies your genre of music provides you with the best playlist of songs. You can choose your mixes from the list of all the mixes created by the app mix masters or you can create your own mix just by choosing your favorite artist.



You will get all the notification about your favorite artist. It has around 1.3cr songs of 21 genre. You can also download your mixes to listen them offline.You can store upto 4 mixes. It has this Play me button, just clicking it provides you with all your tracks you want. you can personalize it by tapping thumbs up or thumbs down. It is one of the most downloaded apps for Nokia Lumia phones.

Download Size : 8 MB

Download : Nokia mixRadio

2. App Social


App Social is an app which helps in discovering new apps and sharing them with your friends. You can browse through different app list created by your friends and other users of App Social. You can create your own list and share it and earn some likes.



You can also follow a tech, celebrity or any other user to take a glance at their list. The list with most likes and most follows gets to the top of the leader board. You can create your list by just selecting the names for it and then choose a cover image and start adding apps to it.

Download Size : 9 MB

Download : App Social

3. Book My Show


Book my show is one of the largest entertainment ticketing portal and one of the most used apps for Nokia Lumia phones. It has now launched the app for windows phone. This app helps you in booking your movie tickets. You can also have a look at the reviews. It tells you about the different movies which are running in the different cities. It also tells you about the movies nearby you.


IT shows you all the movies which are going to release as a notification on the lock screen of your phone. You can book your show, also select the exact seating. You can pay through net banking/credit cards/debit cards.

Download Size : 1  MB

Download : Book My show

4. Facebook


Facebook is one of the largest social networking site in today’s world. Looking into your phone the first thing you want to know is your Facebook status and notification. The Facebook app helps you do all kinds stuff like updating your status, uploading your images etc.


Like Facebook it’s app has also become popular due to the increasing users of Facebook.

Download Size : 11 MB

Download : Facebook 

5. World OF Red Bull

World-of -Red Bull- app

This  amazing app brings you the world of red bull in your hand.  If you do not want to miss any action and want to know where all these actions are taking place download this app.


It gives you information about all the red bull sports and cultural events. It keeps you updated about the Red bull athletes and teams. You can see the insights of your favorite athlete. It has an interactive app which will never allow you to miss any sports activities around the globe.

Download Size : 10 MB 

Download  : World of Red Bull

6. Nokia Camera

Nokia Camera app

Nokia camera replaces Nokia Pro Camera with no decrements in features. It has this auto mode which makes it easy to capture images with great ease. It also has a smart mode which helps you to capture a series of photos. You can edit a image as many times you want and the original one remains intact.



You can remove moving objects or you  can add some action with help of strobe effect, for more features you have to get Black software update for your Nokia Lumia. This is an exclusive app for Nokia Lumia.

Download Size : 11 MB 

Download : Nokia Camera

7. ESPN Hub


ESPN Hub is a sports news app which collects all the sports news around the globe and provides you in an interactive manner. It provide you with all the latest scores ,videos and standings of your favorite teams.


It has a wide range of sports including cricket, rugby, football, NBA etc. You can pin your favorite team and get all the latest news about your team.

Download Size : 4 MB 

Download : ESPN Hub

8. Adobe Reader


Adobe Reader helps you with your PDF documents. You need to download this app to view all your PDF documents.


It also helps in converting PDF files to different formats and it allows creation of PDF files from word, excel or power point. You can search the text to find any particular topic .You can Zoom in to view clearly. It has 2 modes single page mode or Continuous  scroll modes you can choose whichever suits you the best you can use bookmarks to jump to any specific topic.

Download Size : 4 MB 

Download Adobe Reader

9. Instagram


As we all know it is one of the best apps for Windows phones. It has more than 150 Million users. It helps you take snaps from your Nokia Lumia, change it’s look and then share it on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Foursquare, or on Instagram itself.


You can customize your photos with the several inbuilt custom effects. It supports both front camera and rear camera so you can use any. You can like and comment an the friends images which makes it even more interactive. Every time you open Instagram it shows you the latest shared images over Instagram.

Download Size : 19 MB

Download : Instagram

10. Youtube


Youtube is one of the most visited websites today and over 20% of all Youtube views are from mobile devices, so Windows phone comes up with this great app which helps you view and upload videos from your Windows Phone.


You just need to tap the Youtube app icon to open Youtube on your browser and just sign in to view million of videos while on the move.

Download Size : 1 MB

Download : Youtube

We hope this list of apps will help you. Tell us if you think more apps should be added to the list.Your reviews are precious and stay tuned to get more information about apps for your Lumia.