WIRELESS CHARGING TROUSER : New step in tech clothing

nokia wireless charging trouser

 A. Sauvage, a British designer has designed a wireless charging trouser for London collection: MODERN MAN of 2014Yes, this is true. Nokia in collaboration with designer A. Sauvage has developed this very cool charging trouser which will charge your phone just by keeping it in your pocket. So,now you do not have to worry about your phone being dead while you are out as the new “MODERN MAN” trouser will be charging your phone for the time it will be in your pocket.

This all is possible with the new technology being used in many other Nokia Wireless charging products called the inductive charging in which you only need to keep your phone in contact with the Product. Nokia DC-50 wireless charging plate for Lumia is the one which is supporting this inductive charging. These wireless charging trousers also features  DC-50 which allows you to keep your battery full and keep yourself in style.


The Designer A.Sauvage has removed all the heavy material from the trouser and sewed the charging plate (DC-50) in one of the pocket. As soon as you keep your Qi-compatible device such as Lumia 930 in it’s pocket your phone starts charging.

This new wireless charging trouser takes wearable technology to a new level. Till now all we talked about wearable technology was Google glass or smart watches but Nokia has redefined it.

The important thing is the price, maybe in early days it will cost a bit higher than expected but but this new design and techonolgy will be at the watch list of some more designers  and as the competition rises the prices will come down.

You will able to buy these wireless charging trouser when they become available on amazon online store soon.