Nokia Treasure Tag

Nokia Treasure Tag WS-2

Nokia treasure tag  is a boon for the fast moving world where  everyone is occasionally misplacing their valuables . It helps to take care of your belongings as in this fast moving world people are often prone to forgetting their things in a coffe shop or a burger joint or most usually in a bar or club !! . Nokia resolves all these issues with their new product- The Nokia treasure tag . Treasure tag helps you by notifying about your belongings if you have forgotten them somwhere or have somehow misplaced them. It is simply an accessory, which can be easily attached to your belongings such as a phone or can be kept in your baggage so as to keep a tab on them. Nokia Treasure Tag is accompanied with an app which  is compatible with Nokia Lumia but you need Black Software Update of Windows . Nokia Treasure Tag  helps in pairing a maximum of 4  treasure tags with this application.  This application can be downloaded from the windows store.


Pairing this Treasure Tag  is very easy and simple . You just need to search the Treasure Tag  with the Bluetooth of your phone. Once you search this treasure tag, all you need to do is simply download it and pair it with the bluetooth of your phone.


Whenever you leave any one of the two either the phone or the treasure tag they will the will emit a loud sound which will notify you that you have  misplaced your valuables. As both of the devices will be emitting sound so it will make easy for you to find them as the sound will help you find the other device. In case you do not know the location of the misplaced device, the device also have the capability to show you where was the last time these two devices were connected in the map.


DIMENSION : 30 x 30 x 10 WEIGHT : 13 g WORKS WITH : windows 8 CELL  TYPE : CR-2032 , Replaceable cell STANDBY TIME : 180 days PRICE :$29.99 Nokia Treasure Tag is quiet an add-on which you should have on your watch list.