Microsoft has been releasing new Lumia smartphones time to time to grab a strong position in the market. In this Nokia Lumia Windows phone review, you will find a device through which the company is planning to strengthen its position in the market of cheaper smartphones. It’s the new Lumia 650. Take a look at it.

Nokia Lumia Windows Phone Review - Lumia 650 with a Great Design and Cheaper Price Tag

Nokia Lumia Windows Phone Review: Design

In terms of design, Microsoft has given its best effort. Having a thickness of only 6.9-mm, it has become the slimmest Lumia phone of all time. Moreover, it weighs only 122g. When you first handle it, you will feel that your hand is empty. The device has been equipped with the soft-touch matte plastic rear and aluminum frame. As a result, it feels incredibly lovely to grab. For these reasons, in terms of design, the device gets a great feedback in our Nokia Lumia Windows phone review.

Nokia Lumia Windows Phone Review: Display

The Lumia 650 comes with a 5-inch display. It has a resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels, which results in a pixel density of 297 ppi. It might sound inadequate to you. But in reality, it is definitely good enough to read emails, browsing web pages and watching videos comfortably. Thanks to the OLED technology, which produces better contrasts than the LCD display of its competitors. So, in terms of display, the devices deserves a positive feedback in our Nokia Lumia Windows phone review.

Nokia Lumia Windows Phone Review: Camera

The 8-MP primary camera is a dependable workhorse in most conditions. In the bright light, it can take stunning photos. However, sometimes, the photos tend to be darker. Nonetheless, this issue can be easily solved with the Windows camera app. The camera has only one weakness. It is the inability to take good shots in the low light environment. There is also a 5-MP secondary wide-angle camera. It can take selfies with a super quality. So, in terms of camera, the device gets a good feedback in our Nokia Lumia Windows phone review.

Nokia Lumia Windows Phone Review: Hardware

The Lumia 650 has been packed with a weaker Snapdragon 212 processor and less RAM of 1 GB. So, do not expect fast performance from it. Its Aredno 304 is also really old. So, it cannot run the latest games with rich graphics. However, for day-to-day usage through basic apps, it works absolutely fine. Moreover, in terms of the cheaper price tag of only £149, the hardware looks OK. On the bright side, it has 16 GB internal storage and support for microSD card slot. So, you will have plenty of spaces.

Nokia Lumia Windows Phone Review: Battery

The Lumia 650 sports a 2000 mAh battery. If you use the device moderately, it can easily last more than a day.

Nokia Lumia Windows Phone Review: The Verdict

If you have a tight budget, the Lumia 650 will definitely not disappoint you. It has a great design, good battery, decent cameras and a promising battery. However, keep in mind the fact that it has weaker hardware and will not work with a great pace as the other devices on the market.

This is the end of our Nokia Lumia Windows phone review. Keep visiting our website to find review on more Lumia smartphones.