Being available at an incredibly cheap price tag, the Lumia 520 has become the hottest entry level smartphone on the market. The colorful covers and sharp display can draw anyone’s attention at the very first sight. In this Nokia Lumia review, you will find all the reasons behind its domination, along with some issues. Take a look at it.

Nokia Lumia Review - Lumia 520 with a Superb Shooter for the Bright Outdoors

Nokia Lumia Review: Design

The plastic on the rear doesn’t feel as super-soft as the Lumia 620. The corners are also sharper. We would love to see rounded edges instead. But on the bright side, the smartphone’s build-quality is outstanding in terms of its cheap price tag. Being bright and colorful, it can catch everyone’s eyes. Having a weight of only 124g, it feels really comfortable to hold. So, there are plenty of reasons to admire the design.

Nokia Lumia Review: Display

The 4-inch display has a low resolution of 800 x 480 pixels. However, it is the best one in its class. Its black levels are deep. The screen produces satisfyingly rich colors. Its contrast level is also really good. Moreover, it makes small texts really easy to read. As a result, the display gets a great feedback in our Nokia Lumia review.

Nokia Lumia Review: Camera

The 5-MP rear shooter shows a superb performance in the outdoors. It captures plenty of details with a well-judged exposure. We are really surprised to see such a great performance from a budget phone shooter. However, like the other cheap smartphone shooters, it struggles in the low light condition. Under such environment, it produces photos with considerably more noise. Color accuracy is also affected.

Nokia Lumia Review: Performance

The dual-core 1 GHz processor is nothing compared to the latest chips. However, it is enough powerful to run the operating system and basic apps very smoothly. While surfing online, we haven’t experienced any lagging. The score of 1,473ms in the Sunspider JavaScript test says it all.

Nokia Lumia Review: Battery

The 1,430 mAh battery fails to impress us. After playing YouTube videos for an hour, it loses 44% of its total juices. The endurance rating of 49 hours clearly reveals its inability to last longer than its competitors.

Nokia Lumia Review: The Verdict

Like the other cheap smartphones, the Lumia 520 has several issues, like unimpressive battery performance and lackluster shooting ability in the low light environment. But in all other areas, it excels, with respect to its cheap price tag. If you are a cost conscious person, you will really love to have the Lumia 520.

This is the end of our Nokia Lumia review. Keep in touch with us to find all the reviews of the hottest Lumia phones on the market.