The market of the affordable smartphones is continuously expanding. Knowing this fact, Microsoft has released the Lumia 650 smartphone with a view to drawing the attention of the cost conscious customers. In this Nokia Lumia latest version review, you will find the detailed features and information of the particular device, along with some of its issues. Let’s take a look at it.

Nokia Lumia Latest Version Review - Lumia 650 with a Great Design, Sharp Display and Impressive Battery Performance, Along with a Woefully Underpowered Processor

Nokia Lumia Latest Version Review: Design

The Lumia 650 is Microsoft’s thinnest smartphone of all time. It has a thickness of only 6.9 mm. As a result, it looks great and feels really comfortable to grab. While it doesn’t have a perfect finish like the high end smartphones, it is one of the most beautiful Lumia smartphones of all time. It has a great combination of soft-touch plastic rear and metal frame. As a result, despite being a relatively cheap device, it comes with a premium appearance. For all these reasons, it gets a great feedback in our Nokia Lumia latest version review.

Nokia Lumia Latest Version Review: Display

The 5-inch display is really great. Despite having a relatively lower pixel density of 297 ppi, it shows a great performance in day to day usage. You will get a pleasant experience while surfing online, reading emails and watching YouTube videos. Having OLED panels, it is able to provide a much better contrast. Its viewing angles are pretty decent. More importantly, the color accuracy is outstanding. As a result, the display gets a positive feedback from us in our Nokia Lumia latest version review.

Nokia Lumia Latest Version Review: Camera

The 8-MP rear camera is a dependable workhorse in most of the environments. The images look quite sharp, provided that they are captured in plenty of light. The color reproduction is really great. However, there are some issues. Being a budget smartphone shooter, it cannot show the same performance in the low light condition. Moreover, the images tend to be dark very often, although it can be fixed by using different features of the Windows Camera app. The Lumia 650 also has a 5-MP secondary camera. Having the wide angle lens, it can perform really well taking group selfies. However, sometimes, they look quite flat and muted.

Nokia Lumia Latest Version Review: Hardware and Performance

The Snapdragon 212 processor is the weakest component of the Lumia 650. The woefully underpowered chip has affected the overall performance of the device. In the AnTuTu benchmark test, the device scores only 31,419 points. The 1 GB RAM fails to elevate the performance, as the processor is woefully weak. Yes, it doesn’t take a long time launching basic apps. However, when launching demanding apps, like Maps, you will experience significant slowdowns, which will definitely frustrate you.

Nokia Lumia Latest Version Review: Battery

The performance of the 2000 mAh battery is really great. Despite being used moderately, it can last a day comfortably. It can deal with battery-intensive tasks really well. For example, it loses only 14% charge while playing Netflix videos for an hour. In the same task, other smartphones typically lose 20% charge.

Nokia Lumia Latest Version Review: The Verdict

Yes, the processor of the Lumia 650 is woefully underpowered. And there are some issues in the camera performance. However, with respect to the eye catching design, great display, impressive battery performance and the reasonable price tag, it is one of the best budget friendly Lumia smartphones on the market.

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