There are tons of apps for the Lumia phones. But which of them are worth to be downloaded and installed into your device? In this article, you will find two Nokia Lumia apps review, which cover the applications that can make your smartphone a more effective device. Take a look at them.

Nokia Lumia Apps Review - Groove Music with Millions of Songs

Nokia Lumia Apps Review: Groove Music

Groove Music is Microsoft’s own music streaming service. It enables you to listen to millions of songs of millions of artists.


The Groove Music comes with an outstanding design. More specifically, the apps looks really nice in the Lumia phones. If you put an Android phone, an iPhone and a Lumia phone side by side while running the app, you will see the real difference. The interface is very easy to navigate.

A Massive Music Library and a Great Sound Quality

Groove Music has over 40 million songs. It is more than the other popular music streaming services, including Spotify, Google Play Music and Beats Music. And more importantly, the sound quality is simply outstanding. Playing songs while wearing the headphone, you will be lost in the world of loud and super crisp audio. In terms of sound quality, it can go toe to toe with the leading music streaming services, As a result, it gets an outstanding feedback from all the Nokia Lumia apps review.

Unique Features

If you find that your favorite content is missing and contact other streaming services for it, you are very likely to be told to contact your favorite artist to add the music to their service. However, you will not have the same experience with the Groove Music. Here, you can easily file a request for the missing content.

Grove Music can be integrated with OneDrive. So, you can stream your own music files from the file hosting service.

The Verdict

Groove Music is the best app for all the music lovers having a Lumia smartphone. If you really love music and want to explore the amazing world of millions of songs, you must have it in your Lumia phone.

Nokia Lumia Apps Review - Meteolens with a Very Simple Weather Forecasting System

Nokia Lumia Apps Review: Meteolens

Meteolens is one of the hottest weather apps for the Lumia phones. With its simplicity and great look, it has won the hearts of the most of the users.


The Meteolens comes with a super clean design. The background images look super crisp. Being a simple app, it’s pretty easy to navigate. And it has live tile support.

Weather Forecast

The Meteolens provide you with the weather forecast in different modes, including Today, Next 24 Hours and Next 7 days.  It also provides you with the information about high/low temperature, chance of precipitation and wind/speed direction. The forecast is really accurate with respect to the other weather apps. As a result, it has been praised by most of the Nokia Lumia apps review.

Some Disadvantages

The Meteolens costs you $1.99 every year, which doesn’t sound too high. But the problem is the fact that it doesn’t have premium features, like radar and lockscreen support. Yes, it’s an interesting app. But the price tag of $1.99 without having these features doesn’t sound interesting.

The Verdict

If you want to have a very simple weather app, the Meteolens will not disappoint you. But we feel that the annual cost of $1.99 should be replaced with a one-time payment for a lifetime use.

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