The Lumia 920 is a four year old device. But still, it draws the attention of the consumers due to its great look and ability to perform flawlessly. In this article, you will find the Nokia Lumia 920 latest review, which covers everything that you should know before making the purchase. Take a look at them.

Nokia Lumia 920 Latest Review - A Good Looking Device at an Incredibly Cheaper Price Tag

Nokia Lumia 920 Latest Review: Design

The design of the Lumia 920 will remind you about the older Lumia smartphones having a flat and bottom and rounded sides. On the bright side, this shape allows you to grip the device more comfortably. It comes with different finishes, including glossy white, glossy red, glossy yellow, matte cyan and matte black. All of them look really slick. As a result, the device gets a positive feedback in our Nokia Lumia 920 latest review. However, it might seem really heavy to you when you grab it for the very first time, as it weighs 185g. Nonetheless, after using a month, you will feel that it isn’t an issue.

Nokia Lumia 920 Latest Review: Display

The 4.5-inch IPS display is gorgeous. It has a decent resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels. From texts to videos, everything looks really sharp. The color is very vibrant. It comes with the ClearBack technology, which deepens the blacks of the screen. For all these reasons, the display gets a positive feedback in our Nokia Lumia 920 latest review.

Nokia Lumia 920 Latest Review: Camera

Being equipped PureView technology, the 8.7-MP primary camera can take razor sharp photos. It performs very well in the low light condition. The performance in the normal light condition is pretty decent. However, it is not as good as the shooters of the hottest smartphones of the old times, like iPhone 5. The 1.3-MP secondary camera might not be a good option for taking selfies. But it is pretty decent for making video calls.

Nokia Lumia 920 Latest Review: Hardware and Performance

Lumia 920 comes with the Snapdragon S2 processor and 1 GB RAM. In terms of performing basic operations, it works flawlessly. With the Adreno 225 GPU, it can run old games, like Asphalt 8, with a great graphics. However, it is definitely not the phone for running the latest apps and games. But if you are not a fan of high end games and apps, you will not have any issue with the device.

Nokia Lumia 920 Latest Review: Battery

The 2000 mAh battery drains out too quickly with heavy usage. However, with an average usage, like light web browsing and sending a few emails, it can last a full day pretty comfortably. On the bright side, it comes with the wireless charging technology.

Nokia Lumia 920 Latest Review: The Verdict

If you consider the Lumia 920 with the latest Lumia phones, you will not feel the enthusiasm in purchasing it. However, when you consider the features you get at an incredibly cheaper price tag of $117, it’s really hard to get rid of the device. If you want to ensure the best use of your money, it is definitely a great choice for you.

This is the end of our Nokia Lumia 920 latest review. Keep in touch with us to find the reviews of the other top-rated Lumia smartphones.