While almost all the smartphone enthusiasts go after the newest devices, there are some people who prefer to have the older ones. The reason behind the move is mostly associated with the cheaper price tag. If you are one of those people, this Nokia Lumia 900 review can be very useful for you. Despite being released in 2012, the device still attracts the consumers with its great look.

Take a look at the device.

Nokia Lumia 900 Review - Great Design, Good Battery, but a Mediocre Camera

Nokia Lumia 900 Review: Design

The Lumia 900 comes with an eye-catching unibody design. With the deliberate use of the color, it looks really amazing. It has a smooth, matte finish that helps the device get slide into your pocket pretty easily. As a result, in terms of design, the device gets a positive feedback in our Nokia Lumia 900 review.

Nokia Lumia 900 Review: Display

The Lumia 900 has a 4.3-inch AMOLED display, which features Corning Gorilla Glass and ClearBack display technology. The color produced by the screen is very bright and sharp. If you compare the display with other smartphones, like Samsung Focus S, you will see the real difference. Overall, the display is really great.

Nokia Lumia 900 Review: Camera

The Lumia 900 sports a 8-MP camera. It features the Carl Zeiss optics, dual-LED flash and autofocus, which help the shooter to capture super-crisp photos. More specifically, the outdoor photos are super cool. However, the indoor photos do not look good as expected, especially when taken from a distance. That’s why, many of the users call the shooter mediocre.

Nokia Lumia 900 Review: Hardware

The Lumia 900 has been packed with the Snapdragon S2 processor and 512 MB RAM. All these things help the device to run with a decent pace. It has an internal storage of 16GB, which looks OK. But the problem is the fact that there is no microSD card slot.

Nokia Lumia 900 Review: Battery

The Lumia 900 sports a 1830 mAh battery. It has a rated talk time of 7 hours on the 3G network. With a full charge, it can last a full day with moderate to heavy use. As a result, in terms of battery performance, the device gets a positive feedback in our Nokia Lumia 900 review.

Nokia Lumia 900 Review: The Verdict

If you are a fan of older Lumia smartphones and looking to buy a cheap device, the Lumia 900 can be a great choice for you. But keep the fact in mind that the shooter will not perform well in the indoors.

This is the end of our Nokia Lumia 900 review. Keep in touch with us to get more reviews on the Lumia smartphones.