Most of the people of today’s world prefer to have new smartphones. But there are some people who believe in “Old is Gold.” If you are among them, this article can be very useful for you, as it discusses what top Nokia Lumia 710 reviews of the top publications thought about the older device.

Take a look at these reviews.

Nokia Lumia 710 Reviews for the Old Smartphone Enthusiasts

Nokia Lumia 710 Reviews: Phone Arena Praised the Battery Performance

In one of the most detailed Nokia Lumia 710 reviews, Phone Arena revealed the pros and cons of the device effectively. It stated that the interface is enthralling, specifically the dynamic live tiles. It admires the performance of the device, calling it as “likable.” But more importantly, it praised the superb battery performance. It claimed that the device can last more than a day without any issue. Phone Arena also mentioned several downsides of the device. Its 5-MP shooter is just average, nothing spectacular. More significantly, there is no secondary camera. It also didn’t like the design of the device, calling it boring. But in terms of cheap price, Phone Arena calls it a great device for the customers with a tight budget.

Nokia Lumia 710 Reviews: Tech Radar Admired the Xbox Integration

In one of the best Nokia Lumia 710 reviews, Tech Radar praises the device for having a great user interface. It also admires the ability of the smartphone to get integrated with the Xbox, which can be a “dream come true” experience for the users that grow with the gaming consoles. It states that the gaming performance of the device is amazing. But similar to the review of Phone Arena, it didn’t like the lack of front-facing camera. It also found the volume and camera buttons fragile. But due to the cheap price, Tech Radar expected that the device would remain a great budget option for the foreseeable future, which has become true ultimately.

Nokia Lumia 710 Reviews: CNET Praised the Smooth Performance

In one of the most interesting Nokia Lumia 710 reviews, CNET admires the inclusion of the Snapdragon S2 MSM8255 chip and 512 MB RAM. They ensure a completely smooth performance. But similar to the two aforementioned reviews, it didn’t like the lack of the secondary camera. But it calls the Lumia 710 as an outstanding value for money.

This is what the Nokia Lumia 710 reviews said. Keep in touch with us to get the reviews of other older smartphones.