The Nokia Lumia 640 is a compact, 5-inch Windows phone that fits in your pocket perfectly. It comes with a sharp HD display, a pretty decent 8-MP rear shooter and Microsoft’s best productivity tools. But more importantly, its price has been reduced significantly. So, the device has become a great value for your money. But is it capable of meeting the expectation of the cost conscious consumers? In this review, you will find the detailed answer to the question.

Nokia Lumia 640 - Design

Nokia Lumia 640: Design

The budget smartphones tend to fall victim to the terrible design issue. But the Lumia 640 is totally different. The combination of the brightly-colored plastic body and high gloss finish has made it a visually appealing device.

The Lumia 640 looks almost same as the Lumia 630. However, it comes with several changes. First, its size has been increased from 4.5-inch to 5-inch, which provides you with a plenty of space to deal with office documents comfortably. Second, it comes with a translucent plastic back, which offers a new and fresh look. Third, the build quality has been improved significantly. The device has become sturdier than its predecessor. It can survive sudden bumps. Even if it falls down from your hand accidentally, it will remain undamaged.

Traditionally, the sides of the Lumia smartphones look really clean. The Lumia 640 is also no different. It doesn’t have any sharp edge. Due to the smoothness, it feels really pleasant to grab. You will have no problem using it with one hand.

However, there are some issues. The back cover feels very slippery. So, it might fall off your hand accidentally. Moreover, the body is a magnet for fingerprints. So, you will have to clean the device daily.

Nokia Lumia 640 - Display

Nokia Lumia 640: Display

The 5-inch Clearback IPS LCD display comes with a resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels, which translates to an acceptable pixel density of 294 ppi. It looks absolutely fantastic. It makes all the texts look really great. However, the display is not as sharp as you would expect.

The color accuracy has been improved a lot. The Nokia Lumia 640 manages to cover 90.7% of the sRGB color gamut, which is really amazing. As a result, the images look stunning on the display. The color looks very natural. Its predecessor, the Lumia 630 has an sRGB color gamut of 84.9%.

Like the other budget friendly smartphone displays, the 5-inch screen struggles with the brightness. When using outside, you have to set the brightness at a maximum level. Otherwise, you will not be able to see the texts comfortably. However, you will face absolutely no issue using the screen indoor. Auto and medium brightness profiles work perfectly for this condition.

The contrast level is low (833:1). So, you will find it hard to see the darker scenes while watching movies. The viewing angles are pretty decent. However, the colors tend to lose the vibrancy if you do not hold the device straight. But that’s quite normal for a cheap smartphone.

Nokia Lumia 640 - Camera

Nokia Lumia 640: Camera

In these days of highly advanced smartphone shooters, the 8-MP doesn’t seem to be really impressive on the paper. But with the specific mega pixel range, the primary camera of the Lumia 640 shows a surprisingly good performance.

In good lighting condition, the 8-MP is able to produce dazzling shots. It covers a great level of details while producing eye popping colors. You will not find any excessive saturation. The focusing speed is pretty decent. The shooter is also able to capture macro style photos.

The low light performance has been improved significantly. The brightness looks a way better. But we notice a significant amount of noise in the photos. But consider it as a shooter of cheap smartphone, the performance is definitely amazing.

The Camera app supports highly effective features, including Rich Capture, which produces amazing dynamic images by combining multiple shots. After capturing the images, you can adjust the amount of flash, a trick which often becomes incredibly effective for beautifying the shots in the low light condition.

The video recording performance is also really great. The contrast level looks really good. The sound is pin sharp. You can record 1080p videos at 30 fps.

You cannot expect a great performance from the 0.9-MP front shooter. It feels really odd to make video calls and taking selfies. Due to the lower megapixel range, everything looks blurry. If you are a selfie lover, it’s not the right device for you.

Nokia Lumia 640 - Hardware and Performance

Nokia Lumia 640: Hardware and Performance

On the paper, the Nokia Lumia 640 is a weak device. The inclusion of the Snapdragon 400 processor and 1 GB RAM has made it an underdog. But practically, the device performs flawlessly. While swiping around the interface, we were really pleased with the fast pace. We also found that the apps were being loaded at a blazing pace. There was no delay at all.

The Adreno 305 GPU has become outdated. But it is still a true performer in running entry-level games, like Subway Surfers and Sparkle 2, with a stunning graphics. More importantly, you will find no fps drop.

In the AnTuTu 4 benchmark test, the Lumia 640 scored 11,666 points, which is on par with the score of Nokia Lumia 830 (12,112 points).

You cannot compare the Lumia 640’s performance with the flagship phones. But with respect to the cheap price tag, it is one of the best performing devices in its class.

Nokia Lumia 640 - Battery

Nokia Lumia 640: Battery

The 2500 mAh battery is a real powerhouse. It can provide enough juice to keep the device operating for two full days with a moderate usage.

Due to the display having a relatively lower resolution, the battery manages to show a brilliant performance in our tests. After surfing online and watching videos continuously, we found that the battery had been able to last 10 hours. In GSMArena’s endurance rating test, it lasted 76 hours, which cemented it as one of the most powerful entry level smartphone batteries of all time.

The battery doesn’t lose its juice quickly. After browsing online for an hour, we found that only 3% charge had been consumed. While watching the videos, we noticed an average charge drop of 7-10% every hour. But if you play games, you will see that 20-25% charge has been lost in just 30 minutes. However, it’s a very common issue in almost every budget friendly smartphone. So, it doesn’t take away the battery’s credit for producing long lasting juices.

Nokia Lumia 640 - Call Quality

Nokia Lumia 640: Call Quality

The Lumia smartphone lineup has a great reputation for producing crystal clear voice calls. The Lumia 640 is no different. We are very impressed by the quality of sound while making the calls. It is pin sharp. You will never be irritated by the sudden distortions. The loud speaker performance is also really good. However, while setting the volume to the highest level, we experienced distorted noises. But with the volume set to a medium level, we haven’t noticed any issue.

Nokia Lumia 640 - Office

Nokia Lumia 640: Office, One Drive and Cortana

The Lumia 640 comes with the Office suite. So, you can create and edit all types of documents, sheets and presentation slides on the device. You can easily synchronize your existing Word, Excel and PowerPoint files. So, the smartphone can be incredibly effective for dealing with your business documents on the go.

One Drive is a massive cloud storage where you can save tons of personal files and photos. It supports a superb upload speed. While uploading files, we found that the pace is much better than other popular storage services, including Dropbox. It is also more reliable. You will never face any functional issue.

There is nothing new to say about Cortana. With the highly advanced features, it has become one of the best voice assistant apps of all time. You can use it to perform numerous functions, including searching online and writing emails, through the voice command. If you learn to use Microsoft’s voice assistant app effectively, you can save a lot of time and enhance your productivity significantly.

Nokia Lumia 640 - The Verdict

Nokia Lumia 640: The Verdict

With the sturdy design, reasonably sharp display, impressive rear shooter, strong battery performance and an incredibly cheap price tag of $99.78, the Nokia Lumia 640 has become an ultimate budget smartphone in 2017. It is able to meet the expectation of the smartphone lovers having a tight budget. With the outdated processor and GPU, it is unable to play the latest games. However, in all other aspects, it offers you the best value for your hard earned money. You cannot find a better Windows phone under $100 right now in the market.