The Nokia Lumia 521 has been specifically built for the cost conscious consumers. But does it have everything to draw their attention? Read this review to find the answer.

Nokia Lumia 521 Review - Great Design but Disappointing Camera Performance

Nokia Lumia 521 Review: Design

The Lumia 521 is one of the most compact Lumia phones in the market. Its overall footprint is 4.4 x 2.5-inches, which is really great for the people who are tired of using large smartphones. You can use it with one hand comfortably. The curved up edges make the device really pleasant to hold. Despite having plastic back, it doesn’t feel cheap at all.

Nokia Lumia 521 Review: Display

The Lumia 521 comes with a 4-inch IPS LCD display. It has 800 x 600 pixels resolutions, which results in a pixel density of 235 ppi. It looks really bright and vibrant. It makes texts and images look super crisp. However, due to the lower pixel density and resolution, it is not able to wow your eyes like the display of the Lumia 950 XL. But considering the fact that it is a budget friendly device, the display performance is not bad at all.

Nokia Lumia 521 Review: Camera

Usually, Lumia phones feature impeccable shooters. However, the thing is quite different for the Nokia Lumia 521. The 5-MP camera can take average shots. In terms of focusing, it isn’t the fastest one in its class. Yes, in the good light environment, it can take decent shots. But in the low light condition, it fails to impress. Part of the blame goes to the lack of LED flash.

Nokia Lumia 521 Review: Performance

The Windows operating system doesn’t require as much power as the Android OS. As a result, despite being equipped with the 1-GHz Snapdragon processor and only 512 MB RAM, the Nokia Lumia 521 performs flawlessly. We find the device running all the apps and games very smoothly. While watching streaming videos, we haven’t experienced any issue. Overall, we are really impressed with the overall performance.

Nokia Lumia 521 Review: Battery

With a medium usage, the 1430 mAh battery can last around 10 hours comfortably, which is not a bad performance from a cheap device. However, being used heavily, it requires charging in the middle of the day.

Nokia Lumia 521 Review: The Verdict

Yes, the camera of the Lumia 521 is disappointing. However, when you consider the decent hardware and battery performance, bright display, great design and the cheaper price tag of $67.88, it certainly becomes an interesting choice.

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