When released in 2013, the Lumia 520 had become incredibly popular. It was the best-selling Windows phone at that time. But is it still worth of your hard earned money in 2017? In this Nokia Lumia 520 review, you will find the detailed answer to the question.

Nokia Lumia 520 Review - A Cracking Budget Friendly Smartphone


Nokia Lumia 520 Review: Design

The Lumia 520 is not a perfect smartphone in terms of look. Its design is very simple. There is no groundbreaking element in it. However, practically, the design is really perfect and satisfies your budget. Its body feels seriously sturdy. It can survive the tumble inside your pockets and bags. Having a weight of 124g, it is relatively lighter than the other smartphones in its, including the chunky Moto G.

Nokia Lumia 520 Review: Display

The 4-inch display comes with a low resolution of 800 x 480 pixels. As a result, all the texts, images and videos look a bit blurry. However, in terms of the cheap price tag of $78.60, its overall performance is not bad at all. Setting the brightness to maximum, we find that the display is able to produce vibrant colors and deep blacks. Its daylight visibility is pretty decent. Moreover, it is super sensitive. You can use it while wearing gloves on your hand. For these reasons, the display gets a positive feedback in our Nokia Lumia 520 review.

Nokia Lumia 520 Review: Camera

The 5-MP shooter can take great shots in the bright outdoors. However, you will not find as much detail in the captured images as the ones shot by the flagship smartphone shooters. In the low light condition, the camera struggles to perform. But it still manages to make your skin tones look natural. The device doesn’t have any secondary camera. So, you should not go for it if you love to take selfies.

Nokia Lumia 520 Review: Performance

The Snapdragon S4 processor is able to run old games, like Asphalt 8, smoothly. It helps you to navigate through the interface and browse online without any lag. But do not expect more than it. The device cannot deal with most of the latest games and software. In the Geekbench 3 (multi-core) test, it scores only 550 points.

Nokia Lumia 520 Review: Battery

The performance of the small 1430 mAh battery is not up to the mark. But it is pretty decent. With a regular usage, it can last a day comfortably. But while being used heavily, like playing streaming videos, it loses 30-40% of charge within two hours. Its endurance rating of 49 hours is definitely not outstanding. But it’s really great for a budget phone. So, it deserves a great feedback in our Nokia Lumia 520 review.

Nokia Lumia 520 Review: The Verdict

In terms of practical design and decent battery performance, the Lumia 520 is really worth of your money. In fact, in terms of budget, it is a cracking smartphone. However, if you love to take selfies and are desperate to use the latest apps, you should explore the market for a better option.

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