The Lumia 520 is a budget friendly Microsoft smartphone that runs through the Windows 8 operating system. In terms of price, it feels and looks great. But having a lack of some of the neat touches, is it worth of buying? In this Nokia Lumia 520 phone review, you will find the detailed answer to the question.

Nokia Lumia 520 Phone Review - Cheap Price Tag and Decent Camera Performance Make it Worth Buying in 2017

Nokia Lumia 520 Phone Review: Design

Entry level phones often feel cheap and less stylish. But the thing is quite different for the Lumia 520. Its black plate covers the entire device, except the screen, completely. As a result, it receives a unibody design that is quite similar to the high-end smartphones. Having a plastic cover with a reasonable thickness, the device has become really sturdy. Its textured finish looks really stylish. As a result, it gets a positive feedback in our Nokia Lumia 520 phone review.

Nokia Lumia 520 Phone Review: Display

The 4-inch display is pretty basic in different ways. Despite having fine view angles, its quality is very limited. We have noticed a reddish tint, which results in an average color accuracy. Moreover, it has reduced the impression of contrast. So, in the bright outdoors, you will struggle a bit with the readability. On the bright side, the display has a pixel density of 233 ppi, which is really reasonable for a budget friendly device. It is sharp and blindingly bright.

Nokia Lumia 520 Phone Review: Camera

The performance of the 5-MP camera in the good lighting condition is pretty acceptable. Yes, due to the lower megapixel range, it covers limited details. However, its focusing is reasonably fast. The quality of the captured photos is way better than the smartphone shooters of its class. As a result, in our Nokia Lumia 520 phone review, we can say that the camera performance is fairly good. However, it doesn’t have any front camera. So, if you are a selfie lover or have to make video calls frequently, it is not the right device for you.

Nokia Lumia 520 Phone Review: Performance

The inclusion of the MSM8227 dual-core processor, Adreno 305 GPU and 512 MB RAM enables the Lumia 520 to run older games, like Asphalt 8, comfortably. However, due to the old hardware, it cannot run the latest games. In terms of general usage, the performance is really good. You will never experience any stuttering or lagging while navigating through the user interface.

Nokia Lumia 520 Phone Review: Battery Life

The 1,430 mAh battery can easily make up a day. However, if you surface online frequently and keep activating the always-on email notification system all the time, you will need to charge it at least once a day. It is not a bad performance from a cheap smartphone battery.

Nokia Lumia 520 Phone Review: The Verdict

Decent camera and battery performance, along with the price tag of $39.99, make it an ideal budget friendly smartphone to have, even in 2017. However, the exclusion of secondary camera and limited display performance are two big issues. But if you really love Windows phones and want to buy one at a cheap price, it is the best option for you.

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