The Lumia 925 was one of the best camera phones of 2013. It impressed everyone with its impeccable shooting ability. But is it still a good option in 2016? Read this Nokia 925 review to find the answer.

Nokia 925 Review - Impeccable Shooter and Attractive Design Still Make it a Great Device to have

Nokia 925 Review: Design

The Nokia 925 doesn’t feature a solid polycarbonate shell. Rather, it comes with a colored plastic rear and metal frame. As a result, it has become more comfortable to hold than its predecessor. It always feels cool to touch the metal frame. The build quality is really solid and outstanding. As a result, it gets a positive feedback in our Nokia 925 review.

Nokia 925 Review: Display

The Lumia 925 features a slightly smaller 4.5-inch AMOLED display. It has a decent resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels, which results in a pixel density of 332 ppi. Yes, the resolution and pixel density is not as high as the displays of its rivals, including Sony Xperia Z and Samsung Galaxy S4. However, considering the slightly smaller size, the number of pixels sound adequate. It makes all the images look super sharp. The level of the blacks is really deep. However, in terms of viewing angles, the display of the Galaxy S4 is much better.

Nokia 925 Review: Camera

The Lumia 925 comes with an 8.7-MP rear shooter. Its sensor size is slightly larger than the iPhone 5 shooter. Its lens is also better than the Galaxy S4. Having a wider aperture, it lets in more light. As a result, despite having a lower megapixel range than the rivals, the shooter of the Lumia 925 can capture better photos. Particularly, the performance in the daytime is really impressive. In the low light condition, the shots look far less noisy than the smartphone shooters in its class. It is one of the most versatile cameras that we have ever seen. As a result, it gets a great feedback from us in our Nokia 925 review.

Nokia 925 Review: Performance

The Snapdragon MSM8960 processor has become a bit old. Moreover, it has a less RAM capacity of 1 GB. But thankfully, the Windows apps do not require much power to run flawlessly. As a result, despite having outdated hardware, the Lumia 925 manages to perform brilliantly. All the popular games run with a good graphics and pace. You will never experience any sudden slowdown while navigating through the webpages.

Nokia 925 Review: Battery

The 2,000 mAh battery can make at least a day comfortably with a moderate usage. However, with the battery-saving mode turned on, it will last up to two full days with a normal usage.

Nokia 925 Review: The Verdict

The shooter of the Lumia 925 performs remarkably well in the low light condition. Its body looks and feels really great. And the cheaper price tag of $99.99 make is still relevant to have in 2016.

This is the end of our Nokia 925 review. Keep in touch with us to find more reviews on the hottest Lumia smartphones.