The Lumia 720 was one of the hottest smartphones of 2013. Having an attractive design and a great battery life, it was able to draw the attention from the smartphone lovers. Now in 2016, as the price has been decreased significantly, it has become a great choice for consumers with a tight budget. In this article, you will find the detailed Nokia 720 review, which will help you to decide whether it is the right fit for you or not. Take a look at it.

Nokia 720 Review - Attractive Design and Great Battery Performance Still Make it a Great Choice

Nokia 720 Review: Design

The Lumia 720 features the unibody design. As a result, despite having plastic body, it feels as premium as the metal one. The smooth curve and soft-touch finish provides a great feeling on hand. Its polycarbonate frame doesn’t show up any scratches. Overall, the device looks absolutely fantastic and feels really solid. As a result, it gets a great feedback from us in our Nokia 720 review.  

Nokia 720 Review: Display

The quality of the 4.5-inch display is pretty decent. Thanks to the application of the IPS panel. However, it has a low resolution of 480 x 800 pixels. As a result, while browsing online, you will find the screen being blocky. Same thing happens in case of the third party apps. However, native areas in the operating system don’t look as bad as the third party apps. Thanks to Microsoft’s best effort in smoothing the text as much as possible.

Nokia 720 Review: Camera

The Lumia 720 comes with a 6.7-MP rear shooter and a 1.3-MP front shooter. The rear camera features the Carl Zeiss optics lens and a single LED flash, which are really effective for taking good shots in the low light environment. The quality of the captured images is pretty decent. However, sometimes, in the variable lighting conditions, the quality can be a bit rough round the edges. Nonetheless, in terms of budget, it is a great smartphone shooter. On the other hand, there is nothing remarkable about the 1.3-MP front shooter. The lower mega pixel range has disabled it from taking great selfies.

Nokia 720 Review: Performance

In terms of the basic usage, we are really impressed with the performance of the Lumia 720. While navigating through the user interface and scrolling webpages, we had smooth experience. However, due to the old processor and less RAM, it is not the right device for the game lovers.

Nokia 720 Review: Battery

The 2000 mAh battery can comfortably keep you going for a whole day. With a moderate usage, it can last up to 2 days. In GSMArena’s endurance rating test, it lasted 60 hours, which is one of the best performances in its class.

Nokia 720 Review: The Verdict

Attractive design and great battery performance are still major selling factors for the Lumia 720. Its camera performance is also acceptable. However, the quality of the display should have been much better. But that doesn’t mean that it is a bad device to have.

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