Microsoft has been really influential in the market of the low-end smartphone. It has been able to produce attractive smartphones at hard-to-beat prices. In this Microsoft phone review, you will find all the details of one of the hottest entry-level smartphones on the market. It is the Lumia 550.

Microsoft Phone Review - Lumia 550 with a Decent Display and Camera

Microsoft Phone Review: Design

Being a cheap smartphone, the Lumia 550 comes with the matte plastic. It feels really solid in the hand. Weighing about 142g, it feels really comfortable to grab. However, it is really thick (9.9mm). As a result, it doesn’t look as smart as it should be.

Microsoft Phone Review: Display

The 4.7-inch display comes with the HD resolution. Having a decent pixel density of 315 ppi, it manages to enter into the Retina display territory of the iPhone 6S. It produces extremely sharp visuals. Texts and images look very smooth. Its brightness is outstanding. The color accuracy and contrast are pretty decent. You cannot get a better display performance from such a budget friendly smartphone. As a result, it gets a great feedback in our Microsoft phone review.

Microsoft Phone Review: Camera

The 5-MP autofocus camera shows a decent performance in the bright outdoors. It manages to capture a reasonable amount of details with a great contrast. However, it has some issues. Sometimes, you will find that the shots are coming with the white balance off. Moreover, you will see noise in the images, even though they are captured in the bright sunlight. But considering it as a shooter of a cheap smartphone, the overall performance is not bad at all. As a result, it gets a positive feedback in our Microsoft phone review. The device also comes with a 2-MP secondary camera, which can capture detailed and sharp selfies.

Microsoft Phone Review: Hardware and Performance

Having a low-power Snapdragon 210 processor and only 1 GB RAM, the Lumia 550 is unable to play the latest, high-end games. But it can play popular entry-level games, like Fruit Ninja, very smoothly. In terms of basic usage, the performance is pretty decent. However, we have experienced several issues. Sometimes, the apps are opened very slowly. So, moving from apps to apps can be quite slow occasionally.

Microsoft Phone Review: Battery

The Lumia 550 features a 2100 mAh battery. Despite having a low capacity, it is able to last a day comfortably with a moderate use. But if you use it intensively, you might need to charge it up to three times a day!

Microsoft Phone Review: The Verdict

Considering the price tag $120, the Lumia 550 is a great bargain for your money. It may not have a great look and battery. But considering the decent display and camera, it is a great value for your money.

This is the end of our Microsoft phone review. Keep in touch with us to find more reviews on all the hottest Microsoft smartphones.