Microsoft’s flagship smartphones, Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL, fail to draw the attention from the global consumers. However, the entry level model, Lumia 640, has been able to do so. It brings a light to Microsoft’s dream of reigning the smartphone market. Moreover, it drives the cost conscious smartphone lovers crazy! In this article, you will find the detailed Microsoft 640 review. Take a look at it.

Microsoft 640 Review - Still Drives the Cost Conscious Consumers Crazy!

Microsoft 640 Review: Design

Being a cheap device, the Lumia 640 comes with a plastic body. However, that doesn’t make it look cheap. Its body comes with bright colors, which can draw your attention at the very first sight. The rounded corners and high gloss finish make it look very appealing. More importantly, it is quite sturdy and cannot be damaged easily. Overall, it is one of the best designs among the other budget friendly smartphones on the market. As a result, it gets a positive feedback from us in our Microsoft 640 review.

Microsoft 640 Review: Display

The 5-inch display is fantastic. Thanks to the ClearBack IPS technology. Its color accuracy is very impressive. While the Lumia 630 covered only 84.9% of the sRGB color gamut, Lumia 640 coverage spread to 90.7%. As a result, all the images look more natural. However, it has only one downside. It is not as bright as it should be. You will have to keep the brightness to maximum level for using it in the outdoors. Nonetheless, due to the impressive color accuracy, the display gets a great feedback in our Microsoft 640 review.

Microsoft 640 Review: Camera

The 8-MP rear shooter of the Lumia 640 is a welcome upgrade over the 5-MP primary camera of its predecessor. However, we are not impressed with its performance. The captured photos manage to cover plenty of details. But they look quite hazy and out of focus, even in the bright outdoors. And its performance in the low light condition is very disappointing.

Microsoft 640 Review: Performance

While being powered by the outdated Snapdragon 400 processor, the Lumia 640 still manages to show a decent performance. The Windows operating system is fast enough to load everything quickly. Menu transition is pretty smooth. In the AnTuTu test, it scores 11,666, which is pretty decent.

Microsoft 640 Review: Battery

The 2500 mAh battery shows a very impressive performance. More specifically, it can go toe to toe with the battery of the Galaxy S6. In GSMArena’s endurance rating test, it lasted 76 hours. And in the continuous video playback test, it lasted 10 hours and 11 minutes.

Microsoft 640 Review: The Verdict

The Lumia 640 creates a great future for the Windows phones going forward. Its display is vibrant and the performance is pretty decent. On top of that, it has a great battery life. Considering the cheaper price tag of $79.79, it is one of the best budget friendly smartphones on the market that justifies its value.

This is the end of the Microsoft 640 review. Keep in touch with us to find more information about the other Lumia smartphones.