While most of you want to have a new smartphone, some people rather prefer the older smartphones. One of the key reasons behind the move is the cheaper price tag. If you are among one of them, this article can be very useful for you, as it covers the detailed Lumia 920 phone review. Take a look at it.

Lumia 920 Phone Review - Great Design, Camera and Display; but a Mediocre Battery

Lumia 920 Phone Review: Design

The Lumia 920 looks quite similar to the Lumia 800. However, it is a bit bigger. While the polycarbonate plastic body might not sound impressive to you, the unbroken effect has provided the device with a wonderful premium feel. As a result, it has been praised by most of the Lumia 920 phone reviews. However, having a weight of 185g, it has become even heavier than the enormous 5.5-inch Galaxy Note 2. So, it doesn’t feel comfortable to carry.

Lumia 920 Phone Review: Display

The 4.5-inch display comes with a decent resolution of 720 x 1024 pixels. Everything looks sharp on it. The LCD panel produces decent colors. The viewing angles are excellent. In fact, it can go toe to toe with the display of the iPhone 5.

Lumia 920 Phone Review: Camera

The 8.7-MP Pure View rear shooter can take pretty decent photos. You will not find any noise. The color of the captured images look very vibrant and natural. The dual-LED flash of the Lumia 920 phone camera performs really well. However, it has only one downside. In the low light environment, the sharpness of the images is not as good as expected. Nonetheless, the exposure and the dynamic range is outstanding.

Lumia 920 Phone Review: Hardware and Performance

Being equipped with the Snapdragon S4 Plus processor and 1 GB RAM, the Lumia 920 cannot perform as fast as today’s smartphones. However, it can perform typical tasks, like surfing online and playing online videos, at a decent pace. With the Adreno 225, it can play older games, like Asphalt 8, with a great graphics.

Lumia 920 Phone Review: Battery

The Lumia 920 has a 2000 mAh battery. While most of the smartphone batteries of these days can last a day comfortably, you will need to charge it in every evening. There is a battery saver option that can save precious juices for extra usage. But that doesn’t mean that you do not have to charge the battery at the end of the day. However, on the bright side, it supports wireless charging technology.

Lumia 920 Phone Review: The Verdict

The Lumia 920 might be a heavy device with a mediocre battery. But it has a premium design, a decent rear shooter and a great screen. More importantly, it costs you only $133. So, it is definitely a great choice if you want to have an old smartphone that has been tagged with a cheap price.

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