While the Lumia 920 has become an old smartphone, there are tons of apps that can make it very useful for you. In fact, they can take the application of the device into a new level. In this article, you will find two different Lumia 920 apps review simultaneously. Take a look at them.


Lumia 920 Apps Review: Runtastic

There are many fitness apps for the Lumia 920. But none of them are as amazing as the Runtastic. It tracks not only the distance of your run but also your heart rate. More specifically, it has everything that a great fitness tracker app should have.

In addition to tracking running distance, it also monitors your average speed, elevation, duration, route and calories burnt. So, if you are looking for an app that will provide you with the most detailed information as possible, it is definitely the right option for you.

When you launch the app for the very first time, you will find a panorama view. You will also find three different options: home, map and music. The Home option is the most important one, as it has all the necessary fitness features.

Tapping on the home button, you will be presented with all the fitness tracking features. You can choose the types of your activity and workout. When you hit the start button, the tracking features will begin to operate. Overall, the interface is very simple, which makes the app very easy to use. As a result, it gets an outstanding feedback in our Lumia 920 apps review.

An amazing feature of the app is the ability to track high-intensity interval training (HIIT). It is a workout mixed with the relatively higher outputs and periods of rest. It’s a rare feature with respect to the options of the other fitness tracking apps.

As mentioned previously, it can track your heart rate. However, you will have to buy an additional chest strap to enjoy this feature. Nonetheless, its heart tracking accuracy is simply outstanding.

Overall, Runtastic is the best fitness tracking app for the owners of Lumia 920. If you want to transform your old smartphone into a highly effective fitness tracking device, it is definitely the best app for you right at this moment.


Lumia 920 Apps Review: Fhotoroom

Fhotoroom is a great app for editing and sharing photos. It comes with outstanding editing tools that make it one of the best photo editing apps on the market.

At first, you have to sign up to use the app. It will allow you to share your edited photos with the other users. You can also interact with others. For instance, you can like the photos of the other users.

The interface is very intuitive and very easy to navigate. But more importantly, it has so many photo editing tools. You can adjust the sharpness, brightness and saturation of the images pretty easily. You can even change the styles of the images with different tweaks, like HazeInut and Pulp Fiction. Overall, it has all the features that can make your photos viral online. As a result, it gets a great feedback from us in our Lumia 920 apps review.

If you love to take pictures with your Lumia phone, you must have it, as it can take the beauty of your favorite photos into a new level.

This is the end of our Lumia 920 apps review. What do you think about these two apps? Share your thoughts by hitting the comment button.