The Lumia 730 phone was revealed in 2014. With a great selfie shooting ability and an outstanding battery performance, it became one of the hottest phones of that year. But will it be still good to use in 2017? In this review, you will find the detailed answer to the question.

Lumia 730 Phone Review - Great Selfie Shooter, Sharp Display and Long Lasting Battery

Lumia 730 Phone Review: Design

Looking at the 730 for the very first time, you will find some similarities with the Nokia Lumia 800, the very first Windows phone. The device is really comfortable to grab. It provides a warm, soft feeling. The curved edges make the smartphone a great fit for single-hand use. The device is wrapped around the plastic shell. However, it doesn’t feel cheap. The manufacturer has done a great job in designing the shell to enclose the display effectively.

Lumia 730 Phone Review: Display

The 4.7-inch AMOLED display comes with a resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels. It translates into a pixel density of 326 ppi, which is pretty acceptable for a budget-friendly phone. The contrast level is amazing. The blacks look almost perfect. But more importantly, it makes the color pop out. The sunlight legibility of the display is really good. Thanks to the ClearBack technology that removes the reflections.

Lumia 730 Phone Review: Camera

The 6.7-MP primary camera shows a surprisingly good performance in the low light condition. All the credits go to its great LED flash and a very wide f/1.9 lens aperture. In the bright outdoors, the shooter produces great shots. The captured photos look fairly sharp and cover sufficient details. However, the colors are not as vibrant as they should be. The Lumia 730 phone also has a 5-MP front shooter. It is one of the best selfie shooters in its class. The selfies look really great. Moreover, the secondary camera helps you to look less pixelated in the video calls.

Lumia 730 Phone Review: Performance

It is not surprising to see an old smartphone incorporating the outdated Snapdragon 400 processor and 1 GB RAM. But thankfully, the components are enough powerful to deal with the basic apps. However, sometimes, you might feel that the apps are taking a bit more time to open. So, make sure to stop unnecessary apps to free as much RAM as possible. In the BaseMark OS II test, it scores 450.3 points, which is higher than of the BLU Vivo Air (440 points).

Lumia 730 Phone Review: Battery

The 2,200 mAh battery is enough powerful to keep the phone operating up to 2 days. However, if you tend to watch videos on your smartphone for a relatively long time and shoot more photos, it will last around a day. That’s a pretty good performance from a budget-friendly device.

Lumia 730 Phone Review: The Verdict

The Lumia 730 meets the expectation of the cost conscious smartphone lovers in 2017. Its hardware delivers an acceptable performance, while allowing the battery to last longer. Its display also looks really sharp. The cameras also perform really well. However, do not expect the same performance from as the flagship smartphone shooters.

This is the end of our Lumia 730 phone review. Keep in touch with us to find the reviews of the hottest Lumia phones on the market.