The Lumia 640 is Microsoft’s right hand in the market of the low-end smartphones. Having a great 5-inch display, 4G LTE connectivity and superb 8-MP rear shooter, it has been able to drive the cost-conscious consumers crazy! In this Lumia 640 phone review, you will find some great reasons for buying the device, along with some of its issues. Take a look at it.

Lumia 640 Phone Review - Superb Value for Your Hard-Earned Money

Lumia 640 Phone Review: Design

It is really hard to distinguish the Lumia 640 from its predecessor at the very first glance. However, after holding it, you will find a fresher feeling. Thanks to the translucent plastic back. The construction is really sturdy, which makes the device tougher than its competitors surviving sudden bumps. The smartphone is a bit thicker (8.8mm) than the other smartphones in its class. Nonetheless, you can grab it with one hand pretty comfortably.

Lumia 640 Phone Review: Display

We are very impressed by the overall performance of the 5-inch, 720 x 1280 pixels resolution display. It makes everything look super sharp while representing all the colors with a great accuracy. Unlike the other cheap Lumia phones, the Lumia 640 phone display doesn’t have any bluish tinge. The outdoor performance on the bright sunny day is really great. However, it has some issues. For instance, while watching darker scenes in the movies, it is really difficult to understand what is going on. Moreover, when viewed straight on, the color tends to lose its vibrancy significantly.

Lumia 640 Phone Review: Camera

Despite having a mega-pixel range of only 8, the Lumia 640 phone rear shooter manages to show a surprisingly good performance. The shot produces super sharp photos with rich colors, a great white balance and a fair amount of detail. Unlike the other budget phone cameras, it performs really well in the indoors. We haven’t found any noise in the image of darker areas. Overall, we didn’t expect to see such a great performance from an 8-MP rear shooter.

Lumia 640 Phone Review: Hardware and Performance

The Snapdragon 400 processor and 1 GB RAM might not sound impressive on paper. But practically, it is enough for providing a great, lag-free user experience in terms of basic usage. Swiping around the colorful tiles and running basic apps, you will never experience any sluggishness. In the AnTuTu 4 test, it scores 11,666 points, which is not bad for a budget phone.

Lumia 640 Phone Review: Battery

The 2500 mAh battery is one of the most powerful ones in its class. After using the device to browse online and watch videos continuously, we find that the device is able to last 10 hours. It is a very impressive performance. The 76 hour endurance rating clearly shows how strong the Lumia 640 phone battery is.

Lumia 640 Phone Review: The Verdict

Despite having some issues with the display, the Lumia 640 is a surprisingly good phone to use. It captures sharp photos and hardly lags. Moreover, it has a long lasting battery life. All these things make the $89.99 device a superb value for your hard earned money.

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