How to Update My Lumia 505 to Windows Phone 8.1

Windows Phone 8.1 is now available for download for free on your Lumia 505. Simply follow the given step by step guide to update your Lumia 505 to Windows Phone 8.1.

Windows Phone 8.1 is now available for download for free on your Lumia 505 | Lumia 505 Windows Phone 8.1 Update | Download Windows Phone 8.1 for my Lumia 505

Great stuff comes in big packages! Before you start updating your Lumia 505, we would recomment that you make enough space on your Lumia 505. Make sure you have up to 1.5GB free phone memory to ensure successful installation of Windows Phone 8.1 software update. You can easily verify your available free space following Setting > storage check.

There may be a series of updates available for your Lumia 505, so make sure you complete all the update procedure so as to get to the latest version. To check your current software version, go to Settings > extras+info.

Now use the following step-by-step guide in order to update your Lumia 505 to Windows Phone 8.1 successfully.

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Step 1:

Your Lumia 505 is intelligent enough to make you aware of the available updates as soon as it is out there in the market. You can manually check the availability of updates by going to Settings > Phone Update and tapping Check for updates.

Note: Make sure you have a high speed internet connection while downloading the update over the air for your Lumia 505. Use a Wi-Fi network to download the update and avoid mobile data transmission costs. Before starting the update, make sure your Lumia 505 is charged atleast 50 % of its maximum capacity. You might also need a minimum of 1.5 GB free space in order to install Windows Phone 8.1 on you Lumia 505.


Step 2: 

To start installing the updates, tap on the notification message and follow up the instruction shown on your phone. You may also postpone the update to a later time by simply tapping install latter prompt.


Step 3:

The update should usually take around 15-30 minutes, but a major update might take up to 2 hours to complete the installation process depending upon you phone model. You would not be able to use your Lumia 505 during the update procedure. You should answer all the update prompts whenever asked to. Don’t panic if the Lumia 505 restarts several times during the update installation, as it is quite normal.


Additional app updates need to be synchronized fully from the Windows App Store in order to fully enable all the features of Windows Phone 8.1 on your Lumia 505. You would probably automatically get an app update notification on the Windows Store App shortly after the software update process.

Additional app updates from the Store could be needed to fully enable new features for your phone. You will get the app update notification on the Store app shortly after the software update.



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