Microsoft’s most anticipated update to its smartphone software will be available in less then a month. Windows Phone 8.1, code-named Blue, is quite promising and with the new features, it seems to catch up the pace with iOS and Android in meaningful ways.

The update was unveiled at Microsoft’s Build 2014 conference in April earlier this year along with its desktop counterpart, Windows 8.1. A Preview for Developers was also launched at the conference which was estimated to be  installed in over 1.5 million devices.

The update will be available to all Windows 8.0 smartphones including Nokia Lumia 520, which meet the requirements to receive the update.

How To Get The Update :

Before you actually get on downloading the update, check the version of Windows Phone your device is running on.You can check the same by following a simple step :

  • Open Settings > about

Here you will see the OS version under the head : phone information (and you can tap on “more information”  to get more information about the OS).

Now if it is Windows Phone 8.0, your phone should be getting the 8.1 update. Before updating, ensure that your phone has sufficient battery life and we particularly recommend that your phone is plugged in for charging  before you update the phone. It will help you get the updates without a snag.

Here’s how you can download the latest Windows Phone 8.1 update on your phone :

1) Open Settings and  scroll down to tap on the “phone update” option.

2) Now you have to  tap on “check for updates” option. Your phone will now start to check if the new update is available for Windows Phone operating system. If it is available, you can download the update.

3) If you want your Windows Phone to automatically download the updates, tick the option below check for updates: “Automatically download updates if my data settings allow it”.You need a WiFi connection for automatically updating your phone software.

How To Install Wondows 8.1 update

Please note that once you install the update, you can not roll back to previous version.

In case you do not see any update notice, you may have already downloaded the update or you can wait for sometime before any notification appears. A discretionary notice from Microsoft says that : “The distribution of these incremental updates may be controlled by the mobile operator or the phone manufacturer from which you purchased your phone, and installation will require that your phone have any prior updates. Update availability will also vary by country, region, and hardware capabilities.” 

We hope this article helps you in updating your Windows Phone. In case you want enquire about anything, please post your reviews.

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