GLOWDECK- The latest dock along with wireless charging.


This gadget is a cool dock that changes the smartphone experience incredibly. It has a voice assistant which makes quiet a lot of tasks easier an smarter . You can call , text and do various tasks, all without touching your phone. All you need to do is activate the voice assistance and give the command of what it is that you want your Glowdeck to do . It will help you to get rid of all the wiring, adapters and multiple components of your speakers. If only a single thing can charge your phone, play music, get all your notification, you will definitely love it.

Glowdeck will also show you the notifications on the display screen, that is, any missed calls, incoming calls or messages . It charges all the Qi-compatible devices such as Nokia lumia .

The wooden body of the Glowdeck contains speakers , microphone , wireless charging coils , USB ports, LED display, LED lights and wi-fi connectivity. You just need to connect Glowdeck to your local network and  all your notifications will be visible on the  display.

Glowdeck is also the first product that support streams of a new Operating system for notification . Streams collect all the stuff which matters to you like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, News, Weather, E-mail . When this new OS gets new notification it will display on the display with general information .For example If you get any call it will show you on the display screen of Glowdeck .

It’s upper surface acts like a wireless charging platform which charges your Qi-compatible devices .It also ha 2 USB charging ports which do not have this feature . It will disables the charging platform on it’s own when your battery gets fully charged . It can charge 1 device at a time .

Glowdeck has a pair of stereo speakers  and embedded noise cancelling microphone which turns Glowdeck into a speakerphone which is used to receive voice commands given by the user .

As the name Glowdeck suggests there must be some glowing effect, for that it has LED lights at the base of Glowdeck . The LED lights enhances the look of this device . The lights start glowing whenever there is some notification, for example if you get a call while you are docked, it will glow to notify you. It also syncs with your music and give this very cool video effects while listening to your favorite tracks. Glowdeck-wireless-charging-dock-dark

Glowdeck will be launched in  later this year  .It is available for purchase and will be shipped till December 2014. It will be  available in three edition Black Acrylic edition and Walnut Wood Edition and Cherry Wood Edition.

PRICE : Black Acrylic Edition $219.99

Walnut Wood Edition $249.99