The free mobile software download has been a crazy trend during the last several years. Most of the smartphone enthusiasts always try to find and use effective mobile software for free, rather than paying money for them. If you are among them, this article is perfect for you, as it discusses 5 effective apps for the Lumia phones that you can download for free.

Take a look at these 5 amazing apps.

Free Mobile Software Download - Another Note

Free Mobile Software Download: Another Note

If you are looking for a unique note taking app for your Lumia phone, Another Note is the right choice for you. It uses voice to take the notes, rather than forcing you typing on the keyboard. You just need to tap on the record button. It also allows you to categorize the notes and put them on the Start screen. Moreover, it can keep them safe through the password protected system. If you want to perform the free mobile software download for this great app, click here.

Free Mobile Software Download - Calculator2

Free Mobile Software Download: Calculator2

The Calculator2 is arguably the best calculating app for the Lumia phones. It sports five calculators, Basic, Scientific, Programmer, Currency Converter and Unit Converter, simultaneously. The UI of the app is really great. A unique feature of this app is the ability to display every number and functions that had been previously typed. Overall, it is a very useful and effective app for everyone. Click here to perform free mobile software download for this app.

Free Mobile Software Download - Briefcase

Free Mobile Software Download: Briefcase

Briefcase is a very effective app. It works as a file organizer and a locker simultaneously. More specifically, it can organize and lock all your files on the SD card and OneDrive. It also allows you to put your files in a particular folder and pin it in the Start screen. Overall, it is a must have app for your Lumia phone. For performing free mobile software download, click here.

Free Mobile Software Download - Moneygraph

Free Mobile Software Download: Moneygraph

If you are a small business owner, the Moneygraph can be a very effective app for you. It is able to track all the expenditure, payment and transaction in a highly efficient way. The user interface is very simple and effective. Click here to perform the free mobile software download for this app.

Free Mobile Software Download - Weather in 3D

Free Mobile Software Download: Weather in 3D

There are so many weather apps for the Lumia phones. But my most favorite one is the Weather in 3D. It displays the weekly weather forecasts in a very effective format. More specifically, it tilts the weekly weather forecasts back, which helps you to read them pretty easily and quickly. If you like this app, click here to perform free mobile software download.