The Football fever is on and everyone around the globe is going crazy for the game. Doesn’t matter, whether you are a school going kid or a working class person, all the time you are curious to know about the Football World Cup 2014 match schedules and live updates.

Here is the list of the best apps for Nokia Lumia which provide you all the necessary information about the World Cup, kicks the complete list of leading scorers, experts reviews, the Yellow’s and the Red’s and a lot more. Download it and remain ahead of everyone!!!!!

1. SofaScore LiveScore Football World Cup Brazil 2014

It is the complete package where you can track all the live scores and match schedules for the Fifa 2014. Not only Football World Cup 2014 , it provides all the information about the scores and result of all the major leagues. Apart from this you can choose your favorite team for the world cup and receive all the information about its matches, player list, wins, looses and many more stuff. You can also catch the video highlights of the match.

Overall the app tracks  following sports:

  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Ice Hockey
  • Tennis
  • Baseball
  • Rugby
  • American Football
  • Handball
  • Volley Ball
  • Snooker
  • Water Polo
  • Darts


Sofa World Cup

Download LiveScore Football World Cup Brazil 2014

2. Onefootball Brasil

It is the most expansive app for the Fifa World Cup 2014, makes you updated with play by play live match commentory. It keeps tracks about all the statistics of the match with the live scores and results. The most amazing part of the app is that you can have a chat with other fans all around the world and lay your opinion on the latest Fifa news.

Watch the highlights of the match and videos from the press and interviews. It also supports Push Notification that keeps you updated with the match schedules your favorite team kick by kick.

O Onefoot 1 OneFootbnall
Download Onefootball Brasil

Size: 9 MB

3. World Cup 2014 +

This app kicks all the information about the matches, live updates, team management, team players, fixtures of the 2014 World Cup Brazil. It is a small app but contains all the details about the World Cup with the live assistant from It makes you up to date with the daily news and live schedules straight from Fifa.

The app automatically schedules all the matches according to your timezone. This means that when you change your time zone, the match schedule will automatically synch according to it.

WC 1 WC 2 World Cup 2014 +

Download World Cup 2014 +

Size: 6 Mb

4. Football WC 14

This application is totally defines World cup 2014. It provides the latest news about the matches and also support video highlights and expert views. It keeps you updated with all the latest match schedules, results, live scores and match prediction.

It lays out your favorite team fan club on social media, popularity of the team and provides live streaming of the match.

Football WC 14 Football WC 14

Download Football WC 14

Size: 4 MB

5. World Cup 2014

One of the most comprehensive app that updates you with all the match schedules, fixtures, team points, groups, stadiums and many more.You can follow your favorite team and get information about the matches, team players, team position. Share your views with all the football fans in the world.

Experience video highlights of the match and share the best shots with your friends. Get the list of all the leading scores in the game.

World Cup 2014 World Cup 2014 World Cup 2014


Download World Cup 2014

Size: 2 MB

6. 2014 World Cup

Follow this app and get all the latest information regarding the 2014 World Cup. Get all the match schedules of the 32 teams including information about the players. Watch all the TV channel live update and get live browsing of the match. Moreover you can have all the details of the world cup champions since from 1930.

World Cup 2014(1) World Cup 2014(2) World Cup 2014(3)


Download 2014 World Cup

Size: 14 MB

We hope the apps in this list are good enough for your needs.In case we have missed any, feel free to suggest us.We will update it soon.