Germany will beat France and and the host nation Brazil will beat Colombia in the quarterfinal matches, No! we are not making these predictions but Cortana has predicted this and if you really think that why should we believe this. So here is the news that Microsoft Cortana which has been predicting all the elimination matches of the FIFA world cup 2014 and has an 100% record.


Cortana is even better than Octopus Paul who predicted the matches in world cup 2010 in which 11 were correct out of the 13 including the final between Spain and Netherlands and Cortana has already predicted 8 matches with perfect result including the match between Belgium and USA in which Belgium defeated USA. She also predicted France and Germany winning in their Pre-quarterfinal matches.

So, instead of practicing and making strategies, the teams should  look to convince Cortana to predict their win and if you want to make some quick money and you are into gambling follow Cortana.

Cortana can be said as Microsoft version of Siri and with this type of prediction it can be a real threat to it.

Cortana is a voice assistant app for windows 8.1 and it’s predicting ability uses Bing’s search engine for it’s prediction. Microsoft Bing was updated before the start of the world cup for prediction of the matches. Before this world cup Bing prediction engine predicted winners of the TV shows like ‘American idol’ .’The Voice’.

If you think that Cortana predictions are just a fluke it’s not true as it uses Bing prediction engine so it works on many factors before predicting such as team’s previous win/loss/draw/tie/ record in the previous matches of the tournament and other competition the team have played and the margin of their win or loss. Further adjustments are made based on the location of the match it is played such as Home advantage plays a big role in matches in this case Brazil have this advantage, playing surface, game-time, weather condition, and it also keeps an eye on the prediction made in the prediction market.


In the next matches as Cortana has predicted Germany and Brazil win but also has predicted Argentina’s win over Belgium and Netherlands beating Costa-Rica this news may make some faces happy and some will be hoping that Cortana isn’t 100% but matches are still to be played but this prediction would have definitely created doubt in some minds.

If these prediction continue to hold it will surpass Octopus Paul’s record.