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Nokia Lumia
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Nokia, which was on the verge of sinking, saw windows platform as it’s life savior. Nokia started the production of windows phone in November 2011, Nokia Lumia 800 being the first windows phone introduced in market. The Lumia series is the result of a very long term partnership between Nokia and Microsoft. Since November, 2011 Nokia has introduced 23 high performance phones to the Lumia series, which are great competitors for Android and iOS platform based phones. First phone of  Lumia series came out with Windows 7 , later on it’s successor, Windows 8 was introduced and Windows 8.1 is the latest platform for Lumia phones now.

Nokia had nearly lost it’s grip on the market when Samsung electronics took it’s title of “The greatest mobile vendor of the world”, but after the introduction of Nokia Lumia series we see Nokia coming back in the game, which obviously is a great relief for Nokia lovers !!
Nokia set a milestone in the camera phone market in 2013, when it introduced Lumia 1020, a high performance smartphone which flaunts a great 41-megapixel camera. It was a treat for people like myself who are crazy about camera phones.

The combination of smooth and user-friendly windows platform and stylish design of Nokia Lumia series has made the series an instant hit in the market. Nokia, being the best customer support provider in the market gives us no reason for not buying this phone.

This was just an overview of Lumia series and Windows platform for Nokia phone lovers. We’ll keep you guys updated 🙂  .