The Lumia 710 is a four year old device. But still, it has a great demand in the market due to the extremely cheap price tag that drives all the cost-conscious consumers crazy. Knowing the fact that you might be thinking to purchase it, we have published this article, which covers what the Nokia Lumia 710 smartphone reviews of the top-class publications think about the device. More specifically, it covers the strengths and weaknesses of the smartphone.

Nokia Lumia 710 Smartphone Reviews Praise Solid Battery Performance but Criticized the Absence of the Expandable Memory

Nokia Lumia 710 Smartphone Reviews: Phone Arena Praises Battery Performance but Regards the Design Underwhelming

Phone Arena publishes a detailed review on the Lumia 710. It states that the battery performance is really good. On normal usage, the battery lasts around one and half a day. It finds the display pretty decent, which views everything clearly. It also finds that the photo quality of the shooter being acceptable. However, it cannot praise the design. It stated that the design is not boring, but it’s definitely underwhelming and will not be able to compete against the top brands.

Nokia Lumia 710 Smartphone Reviews: PC Magazine Loves Fast Performance but Criticizes Non Expandable Memory

PC Magazine, one of the oldest and most popular tech publications of all time, covers the Lumia 710 in a review. It mentions that the device performs at a pretty fast pace and hardly lags. It finds the voice pretty clear and regards it as “a decent voice phone.” However, it mentions several issues, including the lack of expandable memory. It disables the users to get the facility of extra storage. Similar to most of the Nokia Lumia 710 smartphone reviews, it also finds that the screen material is flimsy. Nonetheless, it regards it as a great mid-range device.

Nokia Lumia 710 Smartphone Reviews: Digital Trend Considers the Battery Performance Solid but Dislikes the Exclusion of the Front Facing Camera

Digital Trend, one of the leading tech websites, considers the Lumia 710 a great phone in terms of the cheaper price. Similar to the other Nokia Lumia 710 smartphone reviews, the top-class publication is pretty pleased with the battery performance and regards it as a solid one. However, it highlights a major issue, which is the lack of the front facing camera. As a result, the users are not able to make any video call. Nonetheless, it regards it as a much better device than the other cheap Android smartphones on the market.

This is what all the top rated Nokia Lumia 710 smartphone reviews think. We hope you have got a good understanding about the strengths and weaknesses of the device.