Nokia Lumia 520 has become an older device. But having a great design and the ability to perform brilliantly, it is still one of the hottest Lumia phones on the market. In this article, you will find what the Nokia Lumia 520 smartphone reviews of the top rated publications think about the device.

Nokia Lumia 520 Smartphone Reviews Praise Top Notch Performance, Great Design and Affordable Price Tag

Nokia Lumia 520 Smartphone Reviews: CNET Admires the 4-Inch IPS LCD Display

CNET, one of the leading tech publications, have reviewed the Lumia 520. It admires the stunning performance of the 4-inch IPS LCD display. It states that the screen is one of the best on the market with respect to the cheaper price tag. The web pages are properly viewed on the display. You do not need to do much zooming. CNET is also very impressed by the performance of the 1GHz dual-core processor. In terms of speed, it is almost as strong as the quad-core processor of the Samsung Galaxy S3. More specifically, the processor is enough strong to run the old games, like Asphalt 7, with a superb pace.

Nokia Lumia 520 Smartphone Reviews: Trusted Reviews Praises the Amazing Design

In one of the most extensive Nokia Lumia 520 smartphone reviews, Trusted Reviews have highly admired the effort of enhancing the overall look of the device. It states that the phone is one of the best looking devices in its class. Trusted Reviews mentions two key features of the design. The first one is the textured finishing, which makes it very grippy. The second one is the curved rear, which allows it to stay on your hand comfortably. The review also admires the top notch performance of the device. However, it doesn’t like several things, including the absence of camera flash and the application of rubbish physical shutter button.

Nokia Lumia 520 Smartphone Reviews: Tech Radar Regards it as the Best Entry Level Smartphone

Tech Radar has published one of the most detailed Nokia Lumia 520 smartphone reviews. It admires the overall design and performance of the device. It mentions that the Lumia 520 hardly lags. It also admires the super-cheap price tag of the device. More specifically, it mentions that it is the best one among the other entry level smartphones. However, it feels several things should have been much better, including the battery backup time. It also doesn’t like the absence of NFC, compass and secondary camera.

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